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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We saw little Harry for the first time today (Ingrid has been calling him/her that for a month now). We get weekly updates from babycenter.com telling us the size of the fetus likened to different fruits and small food items. After the nurse took some measurements she told us that the little she/he was 14 weeks old instead of the 13 we'd been thinking. This means Harry got promoted from a medium shrimp to a lemon (what a difference a week can make).
  Good thing they labeled the first ultrasound image. Until I saw the "BABY" label I thought we might have finally located Ingrid's lost dolly.
 After hearing about Harry's early graduation Rachel looked confused, "But wait, my husband wasn't around 15 weeks ago, how can that be?"
"Yes, how can that be Rachel?"
"The weeks are a developmental estimate rather than a guess at the exact conception."The nurse assured us.

When we first saw the creature it flinched and sprung from one side of the womb to the other (like he/she was startled by someone turning the lights on suddenly). The live images seemed interactive and it was weird to realize that he/she didn't know we were watching and couldn't watch back.  Harry's movements were confident and coordinated as she/he rolled, twisted, and even yawned.
At one point Harry did look right at us (the picture on the left). Rachel squealed and said,
"Wooh! That gave me the willies! It looks kind of like a horse."
"Did the little horse give you boosegumps Mommy?" Ingrid asked considerately.


  1. Congratulations! Harry is super cute, even in utero. I like it when you blog.

  2. I agree. You're a fantastic blogger!

    Great pictures. Ghostly intimations through a glass darkly. Does Harry change to Harriette at some point?

  3. It usually goes the other way right (at least according to Jurassic Park we all start out female)?

  4. Congratulations Ben and Rachel. Next time you guys are in Orem give us a call. I know Phoebe would love to meet Ingrid. 8017875189