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Monday, December 5, 2011

AGU talk titles

It's the final day of the American Geophysical Union fall meeting. Every year 20,000 scientists get together to exchange new research. Here are some of my favorite titles from the past few days:
  • Soil Chemical Weathering and Nutrient Budgets along an Earthworm Invasion Chronosequence in a Northern Minnesota Forest
  • Acupunctural Afforestation for Desertification Mitigation over Semi-Arid Regions in East Asia
  • Decomposition is always temperature dependent, except when its not
  • Feeding the World While Sustaining the Planet: Building Sustainable Agriculture Within the Earth System
  • Translating Watersheds Into Trustworthy Hydrological Models
  • Four Billion Years of Marine Nitrogen Cycling
  • Reduced Nitrous Oxide Emissions in Tomato Cropping Systems under Drip Irrigation and Fertigation

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