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Friday, February 17, 2012

Susitna 100 bike race and car crash

Tomorrow is the Susitna 100 trail race. I'll be competing in the bike division, riding a Salsa Fargo with Snowcat rims.

I was planning on posting regular updates on my training to include you all on a rich and compelling blog journey. Instead, I've been on a grand total of five training rides and last week I crashed our car (c'est la vie).

My biggest concern isn't the lack of training however, it's the weather. A couple days ago when the Susitna trail crew went out to mark the course they got rained on. As a Fairbanks winter commuter, my forte is cold weather. I've got clothing and gear selection dialed well past -40F, but right now it's 32 in Wasilla. I don't even know what pants to wear for that. Also, trails get sloppy and soft as it gets warmer.

Trail conditions permitting, I've got a goal to finish in 15 hours. If you happen to be online tomorrow, check out the race website for progress updates www.susitna100.com. Things start at 9:00 am Alaska time.

All things considered I'm just grateful to be able to ride at all. Miraculously, everyone walked away from the Saturday crash. My bike (which you can just see crumpled in the back of the car) had a bent fork and broken handlebar but after some emergency resuscitation and community-based part sourcing I will be able to ride it tomorrow.

When I got home after the accident Ingrid walked calmly across the room, took my hand, and asked, "Next time Daddy, can you not break the car?"


  1. So glad you are okay! What happened?

  2. Good luck in your race Benny!! Dudes are going to be eating your snow for 15 straight hours.

  3. just checked and you're in! way to go. can't wait to hear about it.

  4. Good luck in your race. Thank goodness you all came out of the car accident okay. Yikes.

  5. Good thing you weren't injured seriously and your car was not totally damaged. Maybe that man was in a hurry so he didn't notice your car http://www.phillyinjurylawyer.com/car-accident-lawyers-philadelphia/