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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Arctic biogeochemistry, Real Steel, and rollerblades

So, I've decided to treat myself with a thematic movie for each day of my comps. Today's questions were on arctic biogeochemistry and so I picked Hugh Jackman's new film Real Steel.

I forgot that nitrite was an intermediary in denitrification but I bet some boxing robots will make me feel better. 

On my way to the neighborhood Redbox I saw some rollerblade tracks in the snow. 

I just Googled "rollerblade tracks in the snow" and found this new invention by Scott Olson (best known for inventing rollerblades):

Check out his website, and make sure to hit play on the video for the full effect: Skyride

I'm laughing, but it is actually pretty cool. Here's a news report on some of the applications. I like how Scott makes sure to point out the rollerblade connection. Apparently they're thinking of installing one of these in Abu Dhabi's new capital and in the Denver airport.

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