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Monday, April 2, 2012

Gems from a pile of emails

My comprehensive exam starts next week. It will consist of four days of written tests and then a few hours of oral examination. For the last three weeks I've been in full comps prep mode. I've found that I can't learn anything without feeling a compulsive need to write it down and cross-reference it.

In the heat of this panicked learning I've gotten way behind in my email. Working through the digital stack this morning revealed a few gems. In the spirit of exhaustive recording and cross-referencing here are some lines from those emails that struck me as particularly important (subject lines from the original emails below):

8. Your baby is losing that wrinkled alien look.

7. I am a conscientious objector on the dance....

6. we have been so busy chasing exotic animals

5. Just wanted to let you know that he has offered to show the RISE board the electric snowmobile next week at 2pm, for all who are interested.

4. I really don't like mice either, but then again, I was in New York City during that time. I might have done research on the transgenic mice found in the walls of my mission apartments.

3. I'm not sure what I would do in a race where hypothermia wasn't a clear and present danger.

2. Oy. The "Antarcticization of the Arctic"! 

And my favorite:

1. Happy April! Your Contaminants in the Polar Regions Coordinators, Emily, Igor, and Pedro

Happy April to you all as well.

(8. Your pregnancy: 33 weeks 7. Why this kolaveri di 6. camera back online 5. Electric Snowmachin4. Already collaborating in 2004 3. sluice box? 2. Your NSF award 1. April is Contaminants in the Polar Regions!)

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  1. wishing you well as you take the exams!

    and love as well!