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Friday, May 18, 2012

Nombrilist and name lottery

Like a cloudberry
her belly hangs
Rachel's tiny spine
our swelling fruit's vine
and the world rolls below her,
the common first belly
while I try not to worship
our roots back to Eve 

I now know that the second worst thing after asking a woman "are you pregnant," is asking her husband, "did the baby come yet."

We are actually doing great and are happily perched in a waiting spot between joyful anticipation and nervous excitement. Rachel is content like a fertility goddess, Ingrid loves to hug the belly, and the rhubarb is racing out of the ground.

It's now time for the second ever Abbott name lottery. Help us pick a name and exercise your powers of prophecy at the same time. Our child will forever be known as the submission closest to the actual delivery time. My sister Maren won the lottery last time which is why Ingrid's legal name is Ace Buffalo Abbott. (The estimated due date is the 23rd of May).

Click here to see other people's submissions.

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