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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The four most important news stories of the last ... this morning

While eating my Cheerios this morning the following four stories caught my eye (I love Fluent News):

The longstanding climate-change skeptic Richard Muller, a Koch brothers funded physicist, announced that after investigating the latest data it is indeed clear that humans are causing the change and it will be bad for us if we don't act:

A throwback to conversations in high school debate class, the Pentagon has an elaborate "just in case China attacks us" battle plan. The strategy, called "Air-Sea Battle" is the brainchild of a 91 year old and has gotten attention from congress now that China's defense spending almost equals a third of ours. The publication of the non-classified portion of the plan has ruffled China as well as several Asian allies:

Since Henry was born we've been the lucky recipients of unsolicited advice on vaccines, baby carriers, and, of course, breastfeeding. The adviser always says, "I've done a lot of research on it," which usually means "I've spent a lot of time in obscure forums collecting a biased cross section of personal opinion from people that had the same opinion as me from the beginning." It turns out the librarians were right and most medical advice on the internet is unreliable or dangerous:

And most importantly, Bella and Edward broke up. This is simultaneously thrilling and sad. Thrilling because we now know that Rupert Sanders is a werewolf and sad because cheating is lame: 

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