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Monday, September 10, 2012

Utah State Police Blotter

Though we love the frontier charm of Fairbanks, it's hard not to miss the peace of placid and pastoral Logan Utah (the safest city in America two out of three years). I get Utah State University's weekly bulletin and happened to click on the police blotter last week. Read to the end to get all the lurid details: wild tug of wars, suspicious breath mints, rumors of skateboarders, and Redbull Girls indiscriminately distributing caffeinated beverages in the USU Police Blotter.


  1. those breath mints are potentially a gateway drug and ought to be evacuated before the red bull girls arrive because you've seen the coke/mentos explosions

    1. Pretty soon you're spending all of your time at all night tug-o-wars and forgetting your clothes at soccer games. No wonder only 30% of college students finish the degree they set out for. It's a slippery slope.